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Wastepro is a leading Environmental and Waste management firm providing Integrated waste management and disposal services to ensure sustainability in Africa.

Built around a team of highly specialized and technical professionals, we offer a one-stop-shop for sustainable waste solutions for various industries specifically but not limited to the Oil and Gas industry for which we provide Total Waste Management solutions which includes; a single point of contact for all your waste management requirements whilst providing a cradle-to-grave waste audit trail and full waste management reports.

We can professionally handle using the latest technologies all your onsite waste management requirements. We can treat most waste streams including hazardous and non-hazardous wastes, drill cuttings, Oil Based Muds, Water Based Muds, Produced Water, NORM, Industrial waste, sludge, Slop, soil remediation waste and provide Automated Tank Cleaning and Hazardous Landfill facilities.

We offer services tailored to provide a wide range of waste management services and cleaning support for the oil and gas industry. Our operations and systems are designed to meet National and International standards and best practice within the oil and gas industry.

If preferred, our trained technical staff can provide on-site services as required on a short, mid or long-term basis on the clients facility to enhance the efficiency of our service delivery.

We offer professional innovative and superior state-of-the-art waste management solutions and alternatives to all drilling, hazardous and non hazardous waste streams. We are positioned to provide a one-stop shop including professional advice for all your waste management needs across Africa which is increasingly required due to growing awareness and increased waste management standards and regulations.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To deliver operational excellence in integrated waste management services whilst maintaining high environmental/safety standards to meet the operational specifications and environmental needs of your drilling waste.

To be the leading African integrated waste management services provider by continuously developing customized waste management solutions.

Our People

Our Solutions

We staff a multi-disciplinary team of environmental and waste management experts who are all highly qualified in their respective fields such as environmental engineering, waste management engineering, Marine, chemistry, Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering, software engineering, water and waste water management among others.

Our employees are specialists in the fields of disposal and treatment of wastes generated in the oil and gas drilling operations.

Wastepro Limited is affiliated with an international network of leading specialized waste management professionals and organizations in Europe, Asia, United States and can draw on the personnel and expertise of these firms and their consultants on any project should the need arise.

Our upcoming Integrated Waste Management Facility; Wastepro CAL Resource Management Facility (WCRMF) will be comprehensively equipped to handle a variety of waste streams from the oil and gas sector such as oil based drilling mud (OBM), synthetic based mud (SBM), water based drilling (WBM), drill cuttings, slops, sludge, effluents, contaminated sands to list a few